Rogue One VS Star Wars: The Force Awakens : Movie Feuds ep177

It's Rogue One VS The Force Awakens on Movie Feuds!
The Disney Star Wars films are off to a great start with one sequel and one prequel to the fantastic original trilogy.
The Force Awakens may have played it a bit too safe for some, being a glorified remake of A New Hope but for Adam it delivers on all fronts.
Rogue One took a few more risks, especially in the effects department. Some things worked and some were just downright puzzling such as the facial cgi.
Adam gives his take on both new Star Wars flicks and you get to give your two cents in the comments below. Make sure to vote for the winner!

Vote via the YouTube polling card at the end of the video!
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Source: Rogue One VS Star Wars: The Force Awakens : Movie Feuds ep177

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